My name is Alexander von Falkenhausen. I photograph, draw and paint fountains since 1994 and decided to concentrate on that subject in 2006. Besides I also collect prints from fountains in art, on postcards, from the internet and wherever I find them. Series are my prefered kind of work and you can see some of those series with some examples of each on this website.

Some group of works are growing over the years, others don´t, but maybe they will grow further later again; nothing ever is finished. 

Fountains are my appreciated topic because of many reasons: they show the dependence of repetition and variation, the standing movement of an up-going and down-coming jet of water is always the same by being different in every moment at the same time.

In a park you can find them often in front of a background made out of leaves forming cloudy volumes: many shades of green in combination with a dark black at that places, where there seems to be no light anymore. I love that, too and also the ornaments in baroque gardens: patterns also clarify how repetition and variation come togeher in a perfect way.